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  • Christian Chabot - CEO & co-founder

    Srinivas Kishan Anapu

    CEO & co-founder

    Srinivas Kishan Anapu - CEO / co-founder

    Srinivas Kishan Anapu, CEO / co-founder

    Kishan Anapu is a Global IT Leader and has over two decades of IT experience and has served esteemed organizations as top industry leader. With his strong leadership skills, analytical capabilities coupled with substantial industry experience, he has been serving clients in over fifteen countries. Kishan is the co- founder of Voice of BigData, a highly unique and cutting-edge IT Analytics and Data Visualization Company. He has designed and implemented BigData Analytics for both onshore and offshore projects. He possesses strong domain knowledge in Technology, Retail, Media, Logistics and Networking industries.

    He holds dual Master’s degrees, one in Mathematics and another in Computer Science Engineering from the US Universities. He is quite passionate about mentoring young minds and is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with young people and teaches several courses in the top Universities and the Big Management Schools in India. Besides he is a well-known speaker across different forums including CIO Forum, NASSCOM, etc.

    By consistently applying his passion for learning and exploring new ways of serving his clients, Kishan promises the highest return on investment.

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  • Sri Rao Boddapu - President / co-founder

    Sri Rao Boddapu

    President / co-founder

    Sri Rao Boddapu - President / co-founder

    Sri Rao Boddapu, President / co-founder

    Srirao Boddapu is a renewed leader, philanthropist, co-founder and president for Voice of BigData. Sri is a strategist, great motivator and a mentor. Sri is a natural leader and his passion to provide highest quality of customer satisfaction is phenomenal. Sri is a technical savvy, results-oriented entrepreneurial leader and generated more than several thousand jobs through his 5 major corporations with proven success in building and managing multimillion-dollar enterprises. He possesses 18 years of experience in building companies and can expertly steer companies through turbulent economic times. He ignites young men with his mentoring skills. His service to the Austin community is quiet appreciable. He does lot of social service to poor and physically challenged students. He is actively involved in feed the hunger and also provides merit scholarships to desired students.

    Sri is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CloudSolvit, which is a brain child of his vision in cloud computing. As the face of the company, Sri actively leads and involves in pursuing new opportunities to execute strategic plan with a mission of creating a cloud solutions company.

    Along with Cloudsolvit Sri is working as COO in Esolvit since 2006. With his strategic and operational leadership, Sri successfully developed marketing plans which consistently achieved steady growth in sales, turnover and profits of the company globally.

    Sri is Co-founder and President of Inforide Technologies since 2000, which has become a multimillion dollar company with his diverse industry and functional expertise. With his tenacious commitment the company scaled to profit and market share growth.

  • Sudhakar Akurathi - COO / co-founder

    Sudhakar Akurathi

    COO / co-founder

    Sudhakar Akurathi - COO / co-founder

    Sudhakar Akurathi, COO / co-founder

    Sudhakar Akurathi already runs a couple of multi-million dollar businesses and is a successful serial entrepreneur. Sudhakar is an experienced professional with more than two decades of experience emphasizing sales, marketing and business development. Highly customer centric with excellent relationship building skills. He gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services. He always acts with customers in mind. He establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect. He communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose. He talks beyond today and talks about possibilities. He can inspire and motivate entire units and organizations. He has brought creative ideas of others to market and has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work. He has a sense about managing the creative process of others. He has been an active member of large entrepreneur groups and he can facilitate effective brainstorming and can project how potential ideas may play out in the marketplace. He analyzes both successes and failures for clues to improvement. He experiments and will try anything to find solutions. He enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks.

    Sudhakar makes good and quality decisions (without considering how much time it takes) based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment. Most of his solutions and suggestions turn out to be correct and accurate when judged over time. Automation is word you frequently hear from him. He has designed practices, processes, and procedures which allowed managing from a distance. He has impacted people and results remotely in his previous organizations.

  • BLV Rao - CTO

    BLV Rao


    BLV Rao - CTO

    BLV Rao, CTO

    BLV Rao is a Post Graduate in IT & Management and brings with him two and a half decades of experience in IT working with Global Fortune 500 customers across 14 different verticals & domains in Cloud computing, Bigdata, Analytics, Mobility, Data Centers, BCP/DR, Enterprise solutions, ERP, CRM. He has played several senior global leadership roles in Technology, Strategy, Business, Sales, Finance, Data Security, IT audits and Compliance.

    His extensive expertise in IT on Security, Audits, Compliance, technologies related to Authentication, Encryption, Intellectual property rights, Data Integrity, Systems Integrity is helping customers build robust and secure infrastructure for Bigdata, Cloud and mobile platforms.

    He has been associated with global universities in US, Europe, Japan for Leadership, Technology, IT and Management. He has been active contributor and well recognized by global and leadership forums like IEEE, ITAA, ICANN, APNIC, ISOC, CIO, CTO, CEO, CxO, etc.

    He has won several awards, honors and prestigious recognitions. Few of them are:

    ACE Gold award, Leadership & Pride awards from large Aero org., Smart CIO of year by CTO Forum, CIO Ingenious 100, CIO Bold 100, CIO Agile 100, Top CISO's in India, CIO Masters, Top 10 Innovators in IT etc.

  • Dr.Rajaram Gandhi - VP.Pattern Expert

    Dr.Rajaram Gandhi

    VP.Pattern Expert

    Dr.Rajaram Gandhi - VP.Pattern Expert

    Dr.Rajaram Gandhi, VP.Pattern Expert

    Dr. Rajaram Gandhi is a renowned Mathematician and is Resource person in Mathematics for Oxford University Press. Dr. Gandhi loves data so much that you can see his passion for data whenever you hear him saying his famous quote “In God we trust and the rest all show me the data.” He is a strong believer in data based facts and patterns and says data doesn’t lie!

    Dr. Rajaram Gandhi did immense contributions in the field of Number theory and several papers in mathematics were published in quite a few international journals. Given a data set, Dr. Gandhi can easily draw patterns out of it and construct mathematical models that support the data set. These models are used for predictive analysis. He is considered the guru of patterns by the mathematics community. His models have been widely used in the industries to assess the customer behavioral patterns, retail stock inventory prediction, planning, etc. His models in price optimization and customer churn prediction has given him international recognition. He has developed models using graph theory to derive the closed network groups. His work in the field of graph theory related to Community detection in social networks has given him high recognition across industries.

    His current research includes image processing and facial recognition and mapping emotions. Some of his other research work includes but not limited to probabilistic models, simulation, Markov Chains, Diffusion, Optimization Models, etc.

    Dr. Gandhi runs his own mathematics journal. He has authored quite a few papers in mathematics along with Edigles Guedes and Srinivas Kishan Anapu, which were published in the international journals.

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